How the News Media Sees Okinawa

Originally published in the FCCJ #1, Nov 2015   Islands in the streaming news Okinawa Governor Takeshi Onaga meets the press. As the face-off between the prefectural and central  governments continues, the good news  is that press interest has increased  and coverage has improved. by Michael Penn The confrontation between the leaders of the U.S.-Japan alliance and the prefectural government of Okinawa over the relocation of the U.S. Marine airbase at Futenma and the plan to construct a new airbase at Henoko has many dimensions – political, military, legal, historical, ethnic and economic. These have affected the way that it … Continue reading How the News Media Sees Okinawa

My Lawsuit vs. the National Diet Press Club

 from the #1 Shimbun, September 2015   Hajime Shiraishi outside the National Diet Press Club building. Two years after being denied access to a building  shared by media organizations,  a journalist tries to keep her case alive. by Hajime Shiraishi THE FOUR-STORY NATIONAL DIET Press Club Building, located in the middle of the Kasumigaseki government district and a stone’s throw from the prime minister’s residence, was built in 1969 with a budget of ¥600 million allocated by the House of Representatives. If rents were to be charged to its occupants, it would very likely see revenues of ¥8 billion per … Continue reading My Lawsuit vs. the National Diet Press Club